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Over the course of my earthly years, the phrase ‘vacation’ has come to mean many different things. When I was little, it meant leaving the house and staying in motels and playing on the motel playground and drinking ginger ale. A lot of times, these early vacations involved the automobile clubs that we were in. I frankly didn’t care if we were two cities over or across the galaxy as long as I had new toys and books to occupy me on the way there…and I got to swim.

Vacations came to mean something different as I reached my teen years. Lots of times these vacations had to do with going to summer camp and associating with friends…and girls. Other vacations were Laurel and Hardy conventions and I got the taste of meeting real-life celebrities and basking in the films that I loved so much.

They could mean going off with my friends and having wild nights of unbridled drinking. They could mean spending time at my all-time favorite places Disneyland or Walt Disney World. The could mean large gatherings of family or smaller excursions with just my parents.

In more recent years, they have become a way of life – an exploration of our country and its rich history and an introduction to other countries and different cultures. Many times this means a road trip, jumping from place to place and not resting my head on the same bed more than one night in a row. By all counts, this seems almost diametrically opposed to the very idea of vacation.

But by my definition, a vacation is any significant getaway from home with the intention of leisure or exploration. Most of the trips listed below are at least a week-long, but many are also mere two- or three-day jaunts. I don’t necessarily consider an overnighter at a friend or family member’s house a ‘vacation’ but when that overnighter is in Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York – suddenly the ante has been upped and I now consider myself on vacation.

Below is the list of every trip that I consider to be a true ‘vacation’ . The live links will take you to the posting(s) for each vacation that I have thus far completed chronicling.

Early 1970’s


Woodland Altars weekend

Curtis, Michigan / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada


McLean, Virginia / Washington, DC – Louise and Carroll’s house

Camping (Cowan Lake)

Lake Cumberland, KY


Land Between the Lakes, KY

Woodland Altars weekend

Late 1970’s


St. Pete Beach, Florida / Disney World


Reading, PA – Hudson National Meet


St. Pete Beach, Florida / Disney World

Indianapolis, IN – Hudson National Meet


Youngstown, OH – Hudson National Meet

Charles City, West Virginia – Louise and Carroll’s house


Myrtle Beach, SC

Dearborn, MI – Hudson National Meet

Early 1980’s


Siesta Key, Florida

Hollywood, CA – Sons of the Desert Convention


Woodland Altars – Junior Lodge (Joe Sakaguchi)

Dearborn, Michigan – Classic Chevy Club Convention

Front Royal, Virginia – Louise and Carroll’s House


Detroit, Michigan – Sons of the Desert Convention

New Orleans, Louisiana – Classic Chevy Club Convention

Woodland Altars – Junior Lodge (Jim Barnhart)


Chicago, Illinois – Classic Chevy Club Convention

Woodland Altars – Junior Lodge (Dean Wenger)


Glen Helen – 6th Grade trip

Florida / Disney World

Woodland Altars – Junior High Lodge (Dean Wenger)

Late 1980’s


Clearwater, Florida / Orlando, Florida / Disney World

Woodland Altars – Eco-Adventures (Scott Sliver)


Colorado Springs

Woodland Altars – Eco-Adventures (Brian Bohlander)

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania – Sons of the Desert Convention


Woodland Altars – Youth Camp (Allen Mack)

Cleveland / Upper Sandusky / Bucyrus, OH

Key Largo, Florida (Arline and Carl’s)


Los Angeles, CA / Disneyland / San Bernardino

St. Paul, Minnesota – Sons of the Desert Convention

Woodland Altars – Youth Camp (Kevin Dull)


Myrtle Beach, SC

Disney World / Florida beach

Woodland Altars – Youth Camp (Mark Flory-Steury)

Early 1990’s


Little Rock, Arkansas

Woodland Altars – Youth Camp (Kevin Dull)

Clearwater, Florida – Sons of the Desert Convention

Destin, Florida

Sebastian, Florida (Disney)


Panama City, Florida

Myrtle Beach, SC


Las Vegas, NV – Sons of the Desert Convention

Hollywood, CA – Disneyland / Catalina Island / San Bernardino

Disney World / Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach, Florida (first time at the condo)/ Disney World


Ormond Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach, Florida / Disney World / Georgia

Myrtle Beach, SC

Disney World / Daytona Beach / Largo, FL


Tareytown, NY – Sons of the Desert Convention

Late 1990’s


Hollywood, CA / Hollywood Show / San Bernardino

Disney World / Clearwater, FL


Minneapolis, MN / Block-Heads Anniversary

Cruise / Disney World / Miami / Cozumel / Key West

Myrtle Beach, SC


Chesterton, IN / Wizard of Oz festival

California / Hollywood Show / Disneyland / Monterey / San Francisco

Disney World / Panama City / Seaside


Hershey, PA / Washington D.C.

Tour of Ohio / Detroit

Disney World


Honeymoon in Gatlinburg

Disney World

Early 2000’s


Myrtle Beach, SC (Spring Break)

Seattle, WA – Sons of the Desert Convention

Myrtle Beach, SC


Myrtle Beach, SC

Disney World / Carolyn’s aunt


Daytona Beach – Universal Studios

Nashville, TN – Sons of the Desert Convention


Memphis, TN

Columbus, OH – Sons of the Desert convention planning session

Honeymoon – Disney World & Fort Myers


Columbus, OH – Sons of the Desert Convention

Tour of Ohio / Detroit / Indiana

Plains, GA / Disney World / Daytona Beach

Late 2000’s


Florida – Bradenton Beach

Hollywood, CA / Disneyland / Hollywood Show / Las Vegas


Myrtle Beach, SC

Georgia Roadtrip / Sons of the Desert Convention

Plains, GA – Peanut Festival


Hollywood, CA / Hollywood Show / Disneyland / Las Vegas

Myrtle Beach, SC

Chicago, IL

Woodland Altars weekend

Los Angeles weekend

Tour of Virginia

Disney World / Plains / Daytona Beach


Savannah, Georgia

Tour of Texas

Indianapolis road trip

Fort Wayne, IN road trip

Europe: Amsterdam, Germany, Lux, Belgium, France, Switz, Austria

Ohio/Michigan/Pittsburgh Tour

California / Hollywood Show / Disneyland / Lone Pine – The “Dreams Come True” Tour


Chicago Collectors Show


New York / New Jersey Collectors Show


Kentucky weekend road trip

Road Trip: West Virginia, Delaware, NJ, Pennsylvania

California / Las Vegas / Disneyland / Hollywood Show

Myrtle Beach, SC / Raleigh, NC

Chicago Collectors Show (with Mom)

Early 2010’s


Chicago Collectors Show (with Denise)

LA / Disneyland / London / Paris

Gatlinburg weekend

California / Hollywood Show / Disneyland / Jimmy’s Wedding 

Knoxville weekend

Dollywood weekend

Sons of the Desert convention – Sacramento (and road trip)

Disney World / Plains / Destin / St. Augustine

Sarasota / Atlanta / Disney World

Chicago Collectors Show (with Denise)

Hollywood Show / Universal

New York / New Jersey Collectors Show


Miami / Key West and Cozumel Cruise / Hollywood Show / Disneyland

Disneyland / Las Vegas / Utah / Arizona / Grand Canyon / Hollywood Show

New York / New Jersey Collectors Show

Denver, Colorado

Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL

Nashville / Memphis / Little Rock road trip

Myrtle Beach

Chicago Comic-Con

Indianapolis weekend

Chicago weekend

Hollywood Show and Knotts Scary Farm


Winter Hollywood Show / Disneyland

Disney World / Hollywood Show / Disneyland

Spring New Jersey Chiller collectors show

New England Road Trip / Sons of the Desert Convention

Summer Los Angeles Weekend and Hollywood Show / Disneyland

Chicago Comic-Con

Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Knoxville, TN / Parsippanny, NJ Celebrity Shows

Indianapolis, IN / Chicago, IL Celebrity Shows


Winter Hollywood Show weekend / Disneyland

Daytona Beach / Universal Studios

Spring Hollywood Show weekend / Disneyland

Spring Chiller Theatre New Jersey

New York City / New York road trip

Myrtle Beach

Chicago/Indianapolis weekend

Walt Disney World / Siesta Key / Plains, Georgia

Los Angeles / Disneyland / Fall Hollywood Show


Mammoth Cave

Pittsburgh Steel City Con

Philadelphia, Chiller, New York City

Hollywood Sons of the Desert Convention / Disneyland

Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa

Nashville, TN

Fall Chiller

Late 2010’s


Walt Disney World with David

Gatlinburg, TN

Knoxville Fanboy (June)

Pittsburgh Steel City Con

Chicago Wizard World

Walt Disney World

Nashville Wizard World with Dean

Cedar Point

Knoxville Fanboy (October)

Fall Chiller

California / Hollywood Show / Disneyland / Film Locations

Wrestlecade North Carolina


California / Hollywood Show / Theme Parks

Pittsburgh Steel City Con

Spring Chiller Theatre

Detroit / Motor City Con

Disney World with Silas

Cedar Point

L.A. Hollywood Show / England / Convention / Paris / Spain

Flashback Weekend Chicago

Chicago Wizard World

Kings Dominion, Virginia

Chicago Hollywood Show / Indy with Dean

Fall Chiller Theatre / Dorney Park

Wrestlecade North Carolina / Fort Bragg


California TV Locations / Hollywood Show / Disneyland

Cruise: Key West / Cozumel

Chicago Hollywood Show

Spring Chiller Theatre

Spring Hollywood Show / Disneyland

Knoxville Fanboy

Summer Hollywood Show / Disneyland

Missouri & Kansas Road Trip

Myrtle Beach

Disney World

Knoxville Totally Awesome Weekend

Fall Hollywood Show

Fall Chiller Theatre

WrestleCade North Carolina


Winter Hollywood Show