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"Don't be a lichtenfreudal tissue." - Christi Adkins

70s2.jpgMy secret desire is to time travel. I’d spend some time visiting historic events, ample time at the Hal Roach Studios, and lots of time in the late 1970’s visiting with myself. I have to assume that any real memories I have (except for the fleeting, vague ones of events that I know happened earlier), must have occurred after the start of 1975.

This time period (1975-1979) was the crux of my childhood. This era evokes images of our house on Echo Hill, Kindergarten, my early toys, 45rpm records, Saturday morning cartoons, Disney World, lemonade stands, Denise as a baby, our barn and garden, my cat Charcoal, long bangs, reel-to-reel tape decks, and my friend Alison. It was the time in which I changed from a baby to a little boy. I developed my love of television, music, cats, humor, girls, and education during this era – and carry it with me to this day.

I have a longing for this era and the more I think about it, the more I begin to remember – and smile about. The Late 1970’s thread begins here.

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