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"Insufficient data at the moment, Starchild" - Ace Frehley, "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park"

80s.jpgAs the VH1 series boldly states “I LOVE THE 80’s.” This time period saw my development from a little boy into a young teen. Memories get even more crystal clear during this time period. When asked what my favorite year is (and we all know how often that happens!), I usually say 1984. This time period was my sixth grade year when things were exciting, music was great, girls were blossoming, and grade school was coming to a close.

But even before ’84, life was good. Thinking back, the early ’80’s put me in mind of Sons of the Desert meetings in Springfield, our VCR and video camera, our house on Winterset and all of my neighborhood friends like Chris, Lee, Kenny, and Mark, playing in the woods, our Hollywood trip, amassing Laurel and Hardy movies, car shows and car clubs and car conventions, B.E.L.L. class at Fairbrook, Discovery House day care center, the Young Author’s Club, camp Woodland Altars, a great Disney trip with my best friend Eric Welch, MAD Magazine, pop music, my cat Jet, NWA wrestling, playing basketball, It’s Your Move, ViewMaster slides, and the coldest Christmas Eve ever.

It really was a fabulous time. I hadn’t quite hit the awkward age at the beginning of the decade but I was rapidly advancing toward it as its mid-point drew nearer.

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