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"You can trust me insipidly." - Oliver Hardy, "Our Relations"

erika2The title may sound like a good name for either a dumb new sitcom or even an intense horror movie, but in reality it would appear to the average passerby as to my current relationship with former Playmate Erika Eleniak. While some may drool over her centerfold in Playboy or her role as Shauni McClane in Baywatch, neither of them mean all that much to me (although I’ll be the first to admit, she certainly was HOT during the late 80’s and 90’s).

Erika Eleniak has starred in her fair share of films, the most well-known being Under Siege, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Chasers. The list goes on to more than thirty, but they just go downhill from there. And although I’m a little impressed that she appeared in the TV shows Still the Beaver and Silver Spoons, her parts in Full House and Charles in Charge rather turn me off. But by far the absolute coolest thing that she ever did was deliver Henry Thomas as Elliot his screen kiss in E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial when she was a mere pre-teen. Now that’s something to be proud of!


I happily shelled out the $20 to get a signed photo when I saw her at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank on October 4, 2008, but I hedged at paying an additional $20 to get a picture taken with her. Still I really wanted one, so I made the offer of $10, which was initially denied by her ‘handler’ – although he said I was free to take a photo of her signing my picture (as seen at the top of the posting). Later I offered the $10 yet again, and this time they accepted. I got it and was on my way.


So it was not my intention to stalk Erika Eleniak. Coincidentally, Erika also appeared at the Collectors Show in Chicago a few months later on March 21, 2009. I had already gotten her, so I largely ignored her there. Then I saw her yet again at the Chiller Theatre Show on April 18, 2009 – less than a month later!

This time I made a point to go up and talk to her and tell her that I had now seen her three times in the last six months. I jokingly assured her that I was in fact not stalking her. She laughed it off and surprisingly told me that she remembered me from the Burbank show. That could very well have been true since I had bartered with her so much there. Or could it have been my charm that caused her to cave in? Hmmm.  

I guess we’ll see what happens when I see her yet again. She will be appearing at the next Burbank Collectors Show that I am attending in July. This gal really gets around.

Celebrities of the 2008 Hollywood Collectors Show will continue in the next posting

2 Responses to “Stalking Erika”

  1. She is a very beautiful woman…and hasn’t aged a day since her stint with Baywatch ended.

    I remember her ‘handler’ being a very muscular, mafioso looking fellow. Stalk at your own risk!!!!

    Dave Chasteen

  2. She was outstanding in Under Seige! Way to haggle them down on the photo op!