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earlyI figured it would happen someday, but I didn’t necessarily think it would happen this soon. Surely the biggest highlight of the early 2010’s was becoming a grandfather before I turned the ripe old age of 40. His birth is not the only thing that characterized this half-decade but I’m pretty sure it was the most impactful. True bachelorhood set in near the beginning of this time period, as Ashleigh was away from home more than she was there and then ultimately moved out and got her own home and started her own (at times rocky) family life.

The adventures that I began during the late 2000’s continued in earnest with lots of traveling to many, many places I’d never been in the States in addition to several trips abroad, a record number of celebrity encounters, a search for fine and not-so-fine-but-fun cuisine, and many other high adventures wherever I could find them. My love of movies and television never diminished but I renewed a long time love affair with music, as I intentionally set out to discover lots and lots (and lots and lots) of new-to-me music, both new and old. I even developed meaningful organized initiatives to both listen to as much music and watch as many movies and sitcoms as possible within the framework of my free time.

Whereas I has spent much of the late 2000’s flitting about from one relationship to another and enjoying the freedom in-between, I set out on a concerted effort to try and find a lifelong mate around the turn of the decade. Some of it was exciting, some heartbreaking, some frustrating, but ultimately it was quite lucrative as I spent the last two years of this time period in a healthy solid relationship.

When I was a kid, I never knew what to expect when I actually got into my 40’s, but I didn’t realize that I’d still be pretty much the same: young at heart, up for adventure, and just as dedicated to those I love as ever. I know I’m getting older but for the most part, it doesn’t feel like it. But I guess when I think about this era, I would have to admit that I get more mature and wiser by the year, while still clinging to fun and youthful endeavors.

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