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"He don't want me. He wants the other monkey." - Stan Laurel, "The Music Box"

jack2.jpgUsually the week between Christmas and New Years is reserved for eating leftovers, playing with new toys, lamenting the removal of decorations, and generally no excitement whatsover. This week in 1995 would have been no exception had it not seen a visit from my friend and a fellow Son of the Desert member from Seattle, Washington. Jack Taylor was in Cincinnati visiting his wife Cathy Ledbetter-Taylor, who was touring as an oboe player with the production of Miss Saigon, so he decided to swing by Dayton and hang out with me for a couple of days.  

Jack came the weekend after Christmas (with an arrival on Friday the 29th as my best guess) and spent the night on the couch of our apartment that night. We went out and had dinner at Kim’s Chinese restaurant and then went back to our place and naturally popped in some Laurel and Hardy videos…while being entertained by Stymie the ruthless kitten.


Jack and me: editors extraordinaire

The next day, I attempted to introduce him to some of the local flavor by taking him – along with Lisa – to the Dayton Air Force Museum. We had a fun time seeing this historical attraction that he had never seen before – and I hadn’t been to in many, many years. Later that afternoon, I drove Jack up to Worthington, Ohio where we had a nice visit with Beverly Crane Trees – the local Laurel and Hardy celebrity who my friend Bill Cappello had located for me the year before. We had a nice visit with her and her husband Pat. I brought along copies of the article I had written about her, which had been re-published in both the Intra-Tent Journal and The Laurel and Hardy Magazine. Jack had her inscribe a photo for his tent to include in his next edition of their newsletter The Beau Hunks Banner.


 Indicating my importance at the snowy Air Force Museum entry


 Little Lisa and a ferocious plane


Jack’s photo of an extremely proud Brad with Beverly Crane Trees and the articles I wrote about her

It was great hanging out with Jack, one of the most enthusiastic Sons members around, who would, along with his Beau Hunks tent, go on to host the 2000 convention in his hometown Seattle.


A nice photo by Jack of me with all of my Dante’s Info’s up to that point

Up next: 1996

6 Responses to “A Visit With Beverly Crane and Jack Taylor Rounds Out 1995”

  1. Yes, indeedy, Jack Taylor is one of the greats! I wish all Sons of the Desert were as friendly, generous and non-certifiable as Jack and Cathy. Regards the Crane sisters, I had no idea they were only 13 or 14 when they did those introductory titles. You’ve gotta see “All Girl Revue,” a Vitaphone short from 1940 starring a very young June Allyson, where the Crane girls really dance up a storm. I know Rob and I have seen them in more films than are listed on IMDB–and one of these days I’ll remember what they are….

    Randy Skretvedt

  2. I’m not sure if you know this, but my own signed (and inscribed!) photo of Beverly Crane, is thanks to you. It was given to me by our friend Bill Cappello, whom I know obtained it from you. Thanks Brad!


  3. There must be a F*rrell gene for writing because you and Rob both have it. You’re both such talented writers. I hope Rob and I’s children get it, too.


  4. I remember the day at the NY Public Library, looking through clippings about the Crane Sisters, and I found one referring to Beverly’s marriage. Peter was with me that day, doing his own research, but he shared my excitement about the possibility I’d be able to locate Beverly now that I had some useful info. And I’ll always remember Beverly’s surprise when I called her – she was astonished anybody would remember her and her sister. A very nice lady, sorry I never met her.


  5. i am beverly crane’s oldest daughter. my son googled my mom and found the blogspot featuring the story of my mom and her twin. i remember when my mom told me about your having called her and then meeting with her. she was so astonished and delighted that anyone would be interested in her long-ago career in movies and on stage. my two sisters and i have always loved looking at the many studio photos we have: she and aunt betty were so beautiful! thanks for your blog.
    linda mack

    linda trees mack

  6. I am sooo impressed. You have had the opportunity to meet some very special people that many have long ago forgotten. When Bann’s and Maltin’s book about “Our Gang” came out in 92, Bev’s whereabouts were uncertain. You found her before she passed on. Same with Olive Brasno. As with Linda Trees, thanks for your your blog!

    Brian Fisher