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"I can see you right now in the kitchen, bending over a hot stove. But I can't see the stove." - Groucho Marx, "Duck Soup"

There’s such a thing as a quest. The guys and gals from Star Trek knew that. Sometimes they don’t even make perfect sense. I know that. For me, after I managed to meet two of the cast members of Star Trek by sheer chance, those two being George Takei and Leonard Nimoy, my quest to finish the job of getting photos with the rest began in earnest. I consider there to be seven main cast members, but some might add actresses Majel Barrett and/or Grace Lee Whitney, the former of whom is deceased, and the latter whom I have in fact met. This whole thing is ironic because I’ve seen very few episodes of the original Star Trek, although I have quite enjoyed the films.

Of the remaining seven, two have sadly passed away un-met by me: James Doohan and DeForest Kelley. I had sent Kelley two autograph requests in the late nineties, both of which came back “Return to Sender,” written in his own hand. So with these two, there’s obviously no hope in an encounter or an autgraph unless I purchase it.

So that leaves five. As I’ve mentioned I’ve met George Takei and Leonard Nimoy through chance encounters. I also received signed photos of Takei by writing him through the mail. Then I was able to add Walter Koenig to my list, when he appeared at a Chiller Theatre show in 2009. I really thought that there wasn’t much of chance of meeting Shatner in his lifetime.

But I was wrong.

On Saturday, August 11, 2012, I got my chance. He was at the Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, Illinios, signing autographs and doing photo ops. But naturally, this came with a price. I guess I can justify the $80 photo op by remembering that I had yet to pay a penny for a photo with any of the other Star Trek folks. And now it’s done. I’ve met William Shatner. I have a photo with William Shatner. Yes, sir.

But I still don’t have an autograph. He took off from the show without warning, apparently to attend a Star Trek convention the next day in Las Vegas. I wasn’t really looking forward to shelling out that $75 anyways, so it can wait. But even before I get that, let’s keep our fingers crossed that I might finally cross paths with Nichelle Nichols.

Celebrities of the 2012 Chicago Wizard World Comic Con will continue

One Response to “Pay Much, Wait Long, and Prosper”

  1. Did you try naming your own price?!?!

    Getting Shatner’s autograph in person has to be the most expensive ordeal I have ever encountered in the world of collecting. I met him at the same show, two years ago. I obtained two signed pictures, each for the price you have listed above. He was a ‘no-show’ on the day I attended, so I had to stay the night in order to catch him the following day. Absorbing the cost of a hotel room, parking, and admission to the ComicCon for the second day, made it cost prohibitive.

    Oh, and you are one Takei up on me!

    Dave Chasteen