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"Thank you, toilet bowl" - Bill Cosby, "Bill Cosby: Himself"

exor.jpgAt left and below is a series of shots from the classic horror flick The Exorcist. Truth be told, I hadn’t seen the film in a long, long time (yet I naturally will never forget many aspects of it – like the tried-and-true projectile vomiting scene, for instance). But because it had been so long, I scarcely remembered the classic stairway sequence from the film – although I didn’t have the heart to tell Bob, who was excited to escort me to this location in Washington D.C. on the Georgetown University Campus. But once I returned home and re-viewed the scene where Father Karras plummets to his death outside of Regan’s house, I naturally appreciated the fact that I had taken the picture at the bottom of the page…which is also special because it was the very first one of our Virginia trip taken on August 4, 2007. Enjoy!


The tumble begins


The tumble gets worse


The tumble concludes


The tumble lives on

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2 Responses to ““The Exorcist” Stairs”

  1. Some uninformed soul might just think that The Exorcist steps were the same ones that Laurel and Hardy brought their Music Box up and down.

    Your tumble photo is priceless.


  2. I seem to have missed this entry when it was first written. Funnily enough, we seem to have taken nearly identical vacations this year! I took my younger sister to Virginia and DC during the first week of June 2007. My sister’s favorite movie is ‘The Exorcist’. She wanted to see this staircase in Georgetown much more than any other thing in Washington. So we took a cab ride (her very first) to this landmark in order that she could take a few photos. Hers are not nearly as entertaining as yours are! She covets the autographed photo of Linda Blair I obtained for her. She does not frighten easily, but the cab ride to Georgetown scared the Dickens out of her!

    Dave Chasteen