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porky4.jpgThe last chance I got to spend time with Gordon “Porky” Lee before his passing in 2005 was at the Sea-Tac Sons of the Desert convention in the Summer of 2000. Although it was the second time I had met him – the first being in Minneapolis in 1996 – I still was thrilled enough to purchase an additional four photos to have him autograph for my collection. Knowing his affinity for beer, I opted to keep my streak going, and treat him to one from the cash bar as I previously had on the occasion of our first meeting. As a hardened drinker and smoker, Porky was less appealing as an adult than he was as a child, but still a very nice and friendly man nonetheless.


“3 or so” refers to a line of dialogue from the Our Gang film Rushin’ Ballet – It was Porky’s reply when Spanky asked him how old he is.


Porky didn’t remember a lot about his Our Gang days, but he did remember getting this kiddie car for Christmas in 1937…and getting to keep it!


Porky was quick to point out that, although he adored Buckwheat, the line “O’TAY!” was actually spoken by him rather than Buckwheat.

As a two-year old, he was one of my favorites of the gang: a short, soft-spoken, unassuming little kid. As an adult: he was sharp, deep-voiced, and pretty darn tall. Naturally, since he was so young during his time in the Our Gang, he had relatively few memories of his short-lived film career. In fact, it was not until the mid-1980’s when he chose to embrace his past life at all. For years, he wanted nothing to do with embracing his years as a film star, so I had written him off as an elusive and untouchable Our Gang alumnus. This was one reason that I am so grateful that I did in fact get to meet Porky and obtain his in-person autographs on two occasions.


Smokin’ and drinkin’ with Porky. Life couldn’t get much better.


Denise meets the Porkster

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11 Responses to “Porky Lee – 2000”

  1. thanks for the nice words about my dad. Glad you got to meet him.

    Douglas Lee

  2. Doug, I do not remember how old you were when your dad and mom taught at Post High School in Texas but enjoyed your dad very much, he was a great teacher. Sorry to know that he passed.

    Jack Gordon Class of 1970

    Jack L. Gordon

  3. Doug, I also met your dad at the L&H Twin Cities tent in 2000. It was a joy that we could talk for a few minutes about not only his time as Porky, but also life in Minnesota. Most likely “Porky” will be the only “Little Rascal” I will have personally met. He is missed by many.

    Brian Fisher

  4. Loved the Little Rascals, especially your dad’s character. Spent lots of time with the “gang” growing up in the 70s. God Bless them all.

    Fran Haefner

  5. its nice to see information about my Grandfather but wish I could have met him. But that’s what happens when your Dad takes off when your still a kid. yeah Douglas, this is your son Brandon Gregory Lee does that ring any bells its been a while we should talk i have questions.

    Brandon Lee

  6. Doug its Shaina. please contact me.


  7. Respecting Porky’s wishes, his body was cremated.


  8. Hi douglas. I have got pictures of your dad when he was little at Christmas. I have been told that my grandfather s sister and husband adopted him. Would like to contact you if possible.


  9. My dad lived near Porky in the old days and He used Fat’s and Fatty in those days. I think there were palm trees on the street but my dad did not talk much about his childhood and died in 59. His brother was Hank and he is also gone…
    Thanks for the memories.

    Mac Hansen

  10. I shared an apartment with Gordon Lee in the 1950’s in Dallas, and kept up with him for a few years, then lost touch.

    Sorry to find that he passed on — but as I’m now 84 that’s happened to a number of people I’ve known.

    Bill DeVille

  11. Dear Douglas Lee,I have been a dear friend of your fathers when he lived in Colorado.met your father in the mid 1980’s till he moved in 1992 I believe.we first met at a place that he loved to go called My Brothers Bar in Denver,told me the reason he liked going to that bar was for the classical music,etc.I am the one responsible for the UACC,and getting Tommy Bond,George McFarland and your father Gordon signing their names etc,believe I have some things you may wish that belonged to Gordon that he left at my home.He would come every Saturday at 1:00 pm and sign things and arrange for TV. Shows or signings,etc.PLEASE contact me when you can would love to talk to you by phone about items I have that I think should go to family,regards,Thomas E.

    Thomas E Barlow