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"...But where would I find such a man? Why am I asking you." - Hedley Lamarr, "Blazing Saddles"

img525.jpgThis period seems very colorful and very bizarre to me. As I think about it, I can recall it vividly and put things back in order – but I realize that I was lost during this time of my life. There are plenty of great memories but it seems that I was playing a chaotic series of roles: father, college student, party animal, movie geek, alternative hippie,and naive potential businessman. I had no real relationships to speak of after Christi and I broke up in the Summer of 1991 until late 1994 so this may be why it is difficult to define this period in one particular way. I was all over the place.

I must confess that I did one of the dumbest things I have ever done just a few years ago. I had kept a journal throughout much of 1992 and 1993, but I hid it under the carpeting in my car in order to keep anyone from reading it. When I sold the car in 2003, I found that it was soaking wet, and in irritation, I discarded it. Who knows what valuable nugget of information may have been found in there?

Some of the most memorable things that I recall about this era include: having Ashleigh, being with and breaking up with Christi, college years, bagging and working in the front office at Beavercreek Kroger, partying with Larry, James, and other Kroger friends, my friend Matt and Pizza Hut, my huge New Years party, Keith and the disaster that followed, turning 21, forming the A-Haunting We Will Go tent, Las Vegas and New York Sons conventions, Denise and Dan, Billy and Christi and their apartment, Carl, martial arts, baby Briana, incredibly long hair and incredibly short hair, trips to Florida, Karen, army boots, nightclub hopping with Carl, moving out into Woodman Park with Larry, Sunday football games with plenty of beer, and finally – meeting Lisa.

As you can see, there was a lot going on with an unclear sense of priorities, values, and goals. I enjoyed much of it, but it would probably be my last choice of an era to re-live.

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