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The Demand of Ian Somerhalder

February 15th, 2017

Supply and demand is a funny thing. Actually it’s more of the demand part that can make things interesting. In the celebrity collecting (by the way, I really have no idea what to call my hobby anymore) department, sometimes I am driven by demand rather than supply, or worse yet, my own interest. I may have only a passing interest in getting a photo with or autograph of a certain celebrity, but when I hear that someone else is dying to meet them or otherwise thinks they are the cat’s meow, somehow my interest is piqued even further.  Read the rest of this entry »

Great Scott!

February 15th, 2017

How bad did I want to meet Michael J. Fox? He sort of defines my teenage years what with Family Ties being one of the biggest shows on TV and Back to the Future being one of the biggest movies of the 1980’s – and maybe even the best. High School U.S.A. is simply the most enjoyable TV movie ever made, and it’s a go-to movie that I’ve probably watched 100 times or more. Midnight Madness is one of the best crummy movies in my collection, the guiltiest of sweet pleasures. He has Disney ties by voicing Milo in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Spin City is a stellar sitcom, and he appears as himself in a very funny episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm for yet another connection. I’m sure I could go on if I had to, but admit it…you love Michael J. Fox too.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Over the years I have kept the readers of this website apprised of my ongoing quest to assemble autographs/photos with the main cast of the original Star Trek series. Not too terribly much be said about that as I’ve said it all before. The last update was back in 2012 when I was able to get a photo op with William Shatner, as can be seen here. You’ll note if you look at it, I ended it with the wish that I might finally get the chance to meet Nichelle Nichols, which would effectively put this particular quest to a close. Sadly James Doohan and DeForrest Kelly both passed away before I ever got the chance to meet them. And in days since that posting, Leonard Nimoy passed away in February of 2015 as well. I was much, much luckier with him. Read the rest of this entry »

The Face of Jake

February 9th, 2017

The most intriguing thing to me about current Disney TV animation is that one of my best friends David works on many of the shows. One of the shows that he worked on was Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior. Obviously most of these shows are geared toward children which would explain my lack of interest. However this one has elicited more interest than normal as both my nephew Adam and grandson Silas both were into it, and David has passed on several pieces of memorabilia to them related to the show.  Read the rest of this entry »