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jg3.jpgTo the best of my knowledge, the first time I ever visited my old house on John Glenn since 1973 was today. Often I have driven by the street and seen the “John Glenn” street sign, but never had I taken the time to actually find the house that I lived in for almost two years – the first ones of my life.

I don’t remember this house and seeing it again did not bring back any flood of memories. But it was interesting to see the house because I could match it up to photographs of me taken in front of it. And most importantly, it is prominently featured in home movies of me taking my first steps. So in a way, the house brings back some nostalgic memories of viewing the house in photos and film when I was little.

jghouse.jpgThis house was purchased by my Grandma Range in late 1965 about two years after my Grandpa passed away. They had remained in their house on Union until my Dad graduated, at which time she sold that house and they moved in with my Dad’s cousin Arline and her husband Carl for about four months.  In the Fall of 1965 they moved into the house on John Glenn Road.

Since my Grandma got married one day before my parents’ wedding, she moved into Oscar’s house on Bellaire Avenue in Belmont and begin renting the house to my parents in 1970. I was permitted to stay there rent-free.

After we moved out in the Summer of 1973, my Grandma sold the house to John and Pat. John was Arline and Carl’s son. Such is the circle of life. It is entirely possible that I re-visited the house at this time since my Dad was storing his blue 1949 Hudson there for a while, but if so, I do not recall it. They moved on and sold the house around 1976 or so. Below are then-and-now shots of the house.

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One Response to “The House on John Glenn”

  1. My name is Liz Landis and I was so pleased to come across your post! I am the current owner of 1849 John Glenn and have been since 2009. I am currently in the process of selling the house, but it was so cool to stumble across your site! I have really enjoyed my time in the house, and it’s nice to know more about its history and that someone else has loved it too.

    Liz Landis