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"Inspector Smoky Bates, private eye for the public schools." - Norman Lamb, "It's Your Move"

20001.jpg This is now my eighth category of half-decades (I checked and pentade does not appear to be a word), and this is a precarious introduction to write. That is mostly because I am currently living right in the midst of it. Originally my vision of this site was to simply chronicle time periods of the past, while merely interjecting current events…but guess what? Enough time began to pass that even some of these current events started to have a nostalgic feel themselves. So the first step was to link all of the postings together in chronological order and create the 2000’s – Late category. But still the postings of this time period (which greatly out-number all of the others) seem orphaned without an introduction.

So here it is. I chose the photo above because it comes from a time right smack in the middle of this period (as I attempted to do for my other ‘intro’ photos). And it represents the overall feeling so far of this era. True, it started off a bit roughly as my marriage to Carolyn began to dissolve, but then I regrouped and began to sail into the sunlight of some of the greatest and most incredible days of my life (hence the arty picture in the appropriate t-shirt).

The era has and will continue to be characterized by my frequent traveling, my unending search of all things exciting and unique (and the creation of a so-called travel ‘scavenger hunt’ checklist), a big emphasis on celebrity encounters, enjoyment of bachelor life – yet fostering a few rather short-term relationships, Ashleigh’s high school, college years, and pretty much her last years at home, a great job with a steady schedule, an obsessive passion of collecting movies and TV series on DVD, my nephew Adam’s first years, the birth of my niece Megan, reunions with many old friends, and best of all, an overall contentment in most facets of my life (aside from a few medical setbacks for Ashleigh and me). And oh yes…there was and will be lots of time spent on this website.

While this introduction may one day need to be rewritten once I have passed this era and moved onto the next, for now it will serve as your introduction to the late 2000’s. Or I may never even make it out of it at all – God only knows!

NOTE: In reviewing this introduction some five years after it ended (seven years after it was originally written), I punched it up just a little bit by adding few important events that happened in the latter half of the ‘half-decade’…but other than that, it almost perfectly captured the ‘feel’ of this time period. And oh yes, I did make it out.

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