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"Instead of getting a cat, why don't we all just stop flushing?" - Red Foreman, "That 70's Show"

70s.jpgBeing blessed (or at times, cursed) with an incredible memory, there are actually a few things that I do remember about the first half of the 1970’s decade, despite not being born until late 1971. All of the memories pertain to me, of course. World events would have certainly been lost on me. There is no recall of Vietnam or Watergate. 

Mostly what you will see in the early 1970’s posting are photos mixed with some scant memories. Perhaps at this point in my life, they are not even memories, but merely memories of memories that have become permenantly emblazoned on my mind.

I can’t remember my first house on John Glenn Road in 1971-73, but I do remember studying photos of it at a young age. I guess the very earliest memories start in the latter part of 1974 around the time I turned three years old, but the entire 1970’s era evokes a sense of warm nostalgia.

I used to study our photo albums a lot, so there are early memories of looking at photos from the early 70’s and perhaps recalling to some degree the events in them – if that makes sense. The same goes for a few Super 8 movies from the early 1970’s. Most of it is hazy.

I don’t remember moving into our house on Echo Hill in Beavercreek, but I most certainly remember living there as we didn’t relocate until 1978. Naturally, most of my young childhood remembrances come from the latter part of our occupancy. In my mind, everything in the early 1970’s takes on an orange tint and there was lots of plaid everywhere. We had crummy furniture and old run-down cars, but it was all good enough for me.

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