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"Instead of getting a cat, why don't we all just stop flushing?" - Red Foreman, "That 70's Show"

Welcome to My Life: A Pre-Show

When I first began this website (I don’t care for the term blog, although I’ll accept if it you’re nice to me), I didn’t exactly know in what direction I was headed…as early postings might indicate. I knew I had lots to say, but wasn’t sure how to go about presenting it. But as I have plodded through more than five years worth of postings, things have begun to take shape. While part of me always enjoys the infrequent ruminations on all things pop-culture that you will occasionally see, my overriding ambition has become to simply chronicle all of the memorable events of my life – along with observations of the lives of my family and friends.

I must confess that it sometimes feels overtly egotistical, self-glorifying, and vain (along with plenty of other adjectives indicating some degree of narcissism) to send these electronic words and images of myself out into the world for all to see – but let me be the first to assure you – I realize that I am nobody special. Just a guy who enjoys life and nostalgia and who has experienced some cool and interesting things – sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstance. This is just my way of getting it all down – a scrapbook that has been opened up for all to see…you see?

Assuming the survival of the server that houses this info, I admit that I think this would be an interesting read for my future generations – but beyond that, I have created this site solely for myself. You may find some of it fascinating and some of it excruciatingly boring, but just remember who its number one audience is…and his initials are BF.

Now having rudely stated that fact, I will say that I absolutely love getting feedback via comments left on the site, especially from those who have been directly involved in my life in any way. Whether I loved you or hated you, chances are I never forgot you…and you will be mentioned. I look at my life as a movie and everyone I know is a co-star. Every movie needs a hero, a villian, a lovely girl, a relative, a friend, and plenty of extras. Most likely, if you’ve read this far, you are one of these. And hearing your input on what I have to say only adds to the richness of this film…er, life.

And if I don’t know you, that’s okay too. I fully realize that there are a few entertaining postings on here that are very high on the “Google” hit-list, so there are often strangers weaving in and out of here as well. Feel free to look around and share your observations as well.

My overall aim is to be both honest and accurate on this site so that I will have a true timeline of my life’s adventures. While I pride myself on a fairly good memory, there are certainly times when it falters miserably. That is where I have to rely on photos, documents, and other people’s memories in reconstructing events from my past. So I am often calling on friends and family members to share their memories and photos with me – and I always appreciate the support.

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Because this site will always be a work in progress with new comments and additions being added quite frequently, you may check below to see where to find major additions or changes to existing postings. The ten most recent comments are located in the right column under the links area. I hope you enjoy my life as much as I have so far…if not more.

Updates to previous postings:

**Rutherford B. Hayes and Me features a new 2016 photo at the birthplace memorial

**An additional photo with Cherie Currie has been added to Runaway Cherie

**The Plains United Methodist Church where Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were married has been added to Jimmy Carter and Me

**An additional encounter with Barbara Eden can be seen in I Dream of Jeannie’s Autograph

**New visits to Presidential graves in James K. Polk and Me and Zachary Taylor and Me

**A new encounter with Gedde Watanabe (aka Long Duk Dong) has been added to Whatsa Happenin’ Hot Stuff?

**My visits to Tampico and Dixon have been added to Ronald Reagan and Me

**An additional visit to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta has been added to Jimmy Carter and Me

**Locations in Buffalo relevant to the life of the former President have been added to Grover Cleveland and Me

**Additional encounter with Tom Atkins has been added to Halloween 3

**The graves of the parents of Presidents Taft and Grant have respectively been added to William Howard Taft and Me and Ulysses S. Grant and Me

**Updated photos of me with “Chip and Ernie” have been added to The Livingston Brothers: Two of My Three Sons

**Sites associated with the assassination of President McKinley in Buffalo have been added to William McKinley and Me

**Grover Cleveland and Me was updated with another visit to his gravesite

**A second visit to the grave of James K. Polk has been added to James K. Polk and Me

**Grave of Lincoln, Lincoln’s home, Lincoln’s Presidential Library & Museum, and other sites in Springfield, Illinois – along with Lincoln’s New Haven village have been added to Abraham Lincoln and Me

**Another visit to the grave has been added to Benjamin Harrison and Me

**A new visit to the grave of the former President has been added to Zachary Taylor and Me

**Additional visit to the Lincoln Birthplace added to Abraham Lincoln and Me

**Chester A. Arthur and Me now features the site of Arthur’s oath of office

**Ponyboy has been updated with an additional encounter with C. Thomas Howell

**Additional signed photo from Patty Duke has been added to Patty Loves to Rock ‘n’ Roll and a Hot Dog Makes Her Lose Control

**Additional signed photo (finally from Murder by Natural Causes) added to Barry Bostwick – Dammit!

**Ulysses S. Grant and Me has been updated with  my visits to Grant’s Cottage (his death site) and his tomb in New York City

**My visit to Federal Hall in New York City has been added to George Washington and Me


For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: “It might have been.” – John Greenleaf Whittier

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon

Life must be understood backwards; but…it must be lived forward –  Soren Kierkegaard

Enshrine every moment of your life – the same as you would any other invaluable treasure. – Brad F*rrell